RDU Terminal 2

RDU Terminal 2

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Travel Story - The First Shall Be Last

Location: Prague Airport, Czech Republic

I had to book a ticket from Prague to Budapest at a fairly late date.  It was a small plane (ATR-72), and the only seats left were "Business Class."  I get plenty of upgrades based on airline status, but I never willingly pay for them.  As I had little choice, I forked over the money and moved on.

The night before the flight I went online to check in. I was a little surprised to see that the "Business Class" seats were in rows 15 and 16.  I figured they started numbering at 15, and picked 16 so I wouldn't have a bulkhead seat.

I was very surprised when I learned that the "Business Class" was in the last 2 rows of the plane, which explains the rows 15 and 16.  The alleged benefits of "Business Class" were:
1) Access to the airline club in the Prague airport (very nice, but not worth the premium)
2) Supposed early boarding (worthless, as we were bussed out to the plane en mass)
3) "Business Class" seat (worthless - worst seat on the plane according to SeatMaestro - see below)
4) "Premium" meal (almost worthless - microscopic bit of salad)

Even so, it was an interesting experience to pay a premium to sit in the back.

Boarding Pass:

Seat Map:

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