RDU Terminal 2

RDU Terminal 2

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Travel Tip - Better Listen to the Gate Agent

Location: DFW Airport, on a plane waiting to depart to Monroe LA

I was on a regional jet headed from Dallas-Fort Worth to Monroe.  It was a lightly loaded flight, and it looked like all of the passengers were on board, but we weren't closing up for departure. I then noticed that a gate agent was on the plane talking to a passenger about 3 rows ahead of me.  Due to the distance I couldn't hear all of the conversation, but the following came through:
  • The passenger was on the plane with a refunded (worthless) ticket and no boarding pass.  I can't figure how on earth that happens.
  • The gate agent wanted him off the plane but the passenger was refusing.
  • The first threat from the agent was that the passenger's daughter "could lose her privileges," making me think that the passenger was originally traveling on an airline pass or a ticket purchased with miles.  This threat had no effect.  To me that showed a degree of ingratitude and selfishness regarding his daughter.
  • The next threat was the agent was going to fetch the police.  As with the first threat, this one had no effect.  To me that displayed a large measure of foolishness.
The gate agent then departed and the flight attendant came on and said that we would have a "slight delay" but specified no reason.  Ten minutes later two police officers boarded the plane and the passenger decided he would deplane.

Travel hint - When the gate agent says he will summon the police, it's not an idle threat; it's a promise.